Why afterSportsAble?

For over 40 years SportsAble (formerly WAMDSAD) provided sport and activities for physically disabled people in the Maidenhead area.

Sadly SportsAble closed it’s doors in May 2021 during the Covid 19 pandemic because of lack of funds.

However it’s members and volunteers have managed to keep several of the activities going in various locations and this website is to act as a directory for previous members and new visitors to locate those activities and the contact details of the people who now run them.

The activities are listed to the right on a computer screen, or at the bottom for smaller screens

It also includes other activities who were partnered with SportsAble who offer suitable sessions.

Please remember most of these activities are run by volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs so please be patient waiting for a response. Each activity has a contact form and this is the best way to create an initial link with a volunteer running an activity. Please use the comments section to indicate if you prefer a phone call or an email, and if a call what the most suitable time is.

If you run activities for disabled adults of children and would like them listed here, or if you spot errors in our listing please use the contact form below to make initial contact.

Daytime/Evening Contact number